Looking for a unique gift or a specialty item to tie your look together? From whimsical to contemporary, you’ll find an amazing selection of handmade jewelry, fashion accessories and casual wear – all MADE IN CANADA.

For outfits that need a little sparkle and shine, you’ll find gorgeous handmade jewelry from artisans across Canada. Our well-curated pieces are timeless and made of quality material, including polymer clay, glass beads, crystals and semi-precious stones.

By regularly updating our selection of accessories once new styles and designs are created, we can continue to ensure you receive a memorable experience each time you visit the store. NJFTG provides handcrafted jewelry and accessories from artists across Canada. Take a look at each artist’s view on what makes their product special:

  • Glamjulz
       I created glamjulz because I want you to feel confident and happy so you can achieve your hopes, your dreams and inspire others to do the same…Let’s show the world how we sparkle!
  • Atelier SYP (Surround Yourself Pretty)
       Surround yourself pretty
  • KeepYourPantsOn
       We Specialize in Trendy Women’s Belts and Artisan Belt Buckles
  • Gestalt
       One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art – Oscar Wilde
       PURSUITS begins each season’s designs in their collections by hand. Through manipulation and explorations, the designs highlight the allure of bold shapes and striking forms.
  • Sophiori by Sophi Dowse
       I create jewelry for the pragmatic romantics, introverted originals, women who like to be distinctive with subtlety.
  • Black Drop Designs
       Jade Pellerin combines her experience in photography, her work in a silversmith’s studio and a lifetime of making art for herself.
  • NES Montreal Jewelry
       Inspired by the meeting of past and present, NES uses traditional jewellery techniques, incorporating modern resins and wallpapers. Involved in every stage of production, from design to distribution, we offer you our art, the result of one concept: Believe!

We also proudly carry Rapz lifestyle clothing. Rapz offers a beautiful line of comfortable, elegant fashions for everyday living that flatter women of all shapes and sizes.