My inspiration comes from many avenues: fashion, nature, art, family, friends, and the beauty that                            surrounds us on a daily basis. When you combine FUN and WORK, you get FERK. And that has been                        my experience. I have been so blessed to be creatively stimulated in my career. Whether I am stylizing                      the store or a space for a client, creating that WOW!!! factor is so rewarding. It is absolutely                                      AMAZING!!!! what AWESOME!!!! product there is out there now. The choices can be overwhelming,                          but after being part of the industry for over 30 years, the decisions come faster and easier.






NJFTG launched in 1998. After several locations, it has evolved into a Retail resource

selected from over 200 vendors. Working with Canadian artisans and manufacturers has always been a

priority when sourcing product for the store.  Creating what many consider a diverse selection of

contemporary decor for both interior and exterior spaces.  The store provides options

for  Repurposed, Modern, Industrial,  & Contemporary design. We truly are not just for the garden,

when you can shop for a piece of jewelry, a bandanna for your favorite four legged friend or  order a

coffee table for your livingroom.   Style selections are available in a range  of prices.

Staff are available for complimentary home styling consultations, custom faux floral design,

residential and commercial outdoor planters. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.



We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy sourcing them.

Our vision is to offer you a personalized product of superior quality that responds to the

environment of your dreams.

Take the time to stop by our showroom and you will understand why so many people choose

Not Just For The Garden.