At NOT JUST FOR THE GARDEN staff can provide you with professional, knowledgeable choices to make the exterior styling of your home a reflection of your tastes and style.

The exterior of your home not only provides a safe and secure environment for the rooms inside, it also establishes the style of your house. First impressions are always important, and you can set the tone for the rest of your property by carefully selecting exterior components that give your house a personality. Your finished roof, your home’s siding and well-chosen architectural details add curb appeal, make guests feel welcome and create a defined look.

Attractive trim, a well-placed arbor, a beautiful stone walkway or a period porch light are other tools you can use to give your home a sense of style. But choosing wisely will help you avoid the too-many-ornaments-on-the-Christmas-tree syndrome. Smart decisions and some restraint allow your home to shine.

Glam the front door
Adding pizzazz to your home’s front entrance is an easy, low-cost way to up your home’s curb appeal. Try painting your door a pretty hue that coordinates with your home’s color. Make sure there is a contrast between the front door and the facade of the home. Other ways to beautify your home’s exterior are adding appealing house numbers to your entrance and hanging a pretty wreath on the door.
Seasonal Planters
Select planters that are in the right scale for the space. This is not the time to have several small planters lining up the steps and scattered about like lost puppies. Better visual and strong curb appeal is maintained by offering a few well appointed elements. Changing the content seasonally adds a fresh look and displays pride in ownership.
Help give your home that little bit of extra pop that makes it stand out.