The right interior wall art helps define different rooms and keeps it inviting. Even as a minimalist, you would need something on your walls to express your personality. Wall decor acts as a backdrop for your furniture, displays your personal style and sets the tone for your space. A cohesive home full of aesthetically pleasing artwork is in your future.

From 3D wall art to giclée printed artwork, we have a wide selection of interior wall art. Our suppliers and artisans all across Canada specialize in working with a variety of material and mediums, including:

  • An extraordinary collection of framed and canvas art. Unique matting techniques and extensive framing are in line with the latest trends and innovative designs.
  • 3D sculptural art. Intricate details of shadows and depth that catches the light for each piece in the most amazing way. Features you wouldn’t get with flat wall art.
  • Mirrors that come in unusual shapes, sizes and frames. Shine a spotlight on your walls with a pleasant alternative from standard mirrors.
Tailored to your Needs

Come into the store and receive dedicated service and advice on how to choose the perfect piece of art based on the principles & elements of design.